I had a deep tissue massage and it was by far the best massage I ever had.  Brandi found all my aches and pains without me telling her where they were.  Had my massage on Friday and today which is Monday I am not hurting nor do I have a headache!  Will definitely be going back for more massages.

                                                                                        Lisa P.


I had a 30 minute Swedish massage and thought it was the best $30 ever spent. I've had many massages and I was a little sad that I only had a chance for half an hour but Brandi made the most of the time and it was an amazing massage! I will definitely return and recomend her to anybody and everybody!



An hour of bliss. Very professional atmosphere w high tech apt scheduled through her web-site. Gatesville has a great new friend in Ms Brandi :)



Brandi,  know's her stuff, i feel wonderful.  She goes the extra mile to make sure your comfortable and feeling great.   The best massage i have ever had, and i will be coming back.



I can't say enough good things about her. She is amazing, and I have probably been to a hundred different massage therapists. My 11 year old daughter also plays several sports and was having issues with her legs and feet, and Brandi was able to massage them and teach her some stretching techniques that have fixed her pain and problems.

                                                                                           Heather H.

"A massage is just one of those little luxuries for some, but it's a necessity for others. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, or you've got some real "tissue issues," try Brandi. I would also recommend Brandi if you need a pregnancy massages. Brandi is highly trained and amazing...she was my saving grace during my pregnancy with Natylyn.

                                                                                           Tara T.

Brandi gave me the most amazing massage I had ever had. Her massage technique really gets deep into your muscles and really helps to make your feel so much more relaxed and limber. I was having some issues with my hip that needed physician attendance in the future but when she was done focusing on the hip area she was able to reduce a lot of the pain I was in. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good massage therapist.

                                                                                           Kathy B.   RN, ICU/CCU

I have actually traveled across the globe for a massage from Brandi. My wife and I would spoil each other and reserve one another massages from Brandi. She gives the most professional yet personal massage we have ever known.

                                                                                           Jay H.

Brandi is incredible! I have been to see her twice. The first massage I got was a treat from my husband before a big event and the second was to treat chronic hip pain. Brandi is great at making you feel comfortable and she sets up a very relaxing environment. The massage itself made my entire body relax. She worked out every knot and ache I had! I highly recommend her.

                                                                                           Sara G.

I looked everywhere for a message therapist until I found Brandi. She listens to your symptoms and has a unique ability to massage them away. She has the strongest hands on anyone that has ever massaged me also. If you give this woman 1 chance at a massage you will put her in your speed dial. 

                                                                                            Shawn T.

I can attest to Brandi's service, I have had numerous massages from this young lady. Her hands are soft and she knows how hard to work you out and where the extra attention is needed. For a relaxing and soothing massage go experience her soothing and relaxing hands.

                                                                                             Danilo D.   National Registry EMT-Paramedic

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